"People love chopping wood. In this activity
one immediately sees results."
Albert Einstein

The Artist.

Born and raised on the Cumberland Plateau, Jim Greenwood came of age in a close knit family that valued resourcefulness and enterprise, among other things. From his earliest days in the hills, alongside his mother, father and siblings, Jim grew in his understanding of the earth's products and it's processes. From a viewpoint informed by both necessity and curiosity, Jim learned to make useful objects from the abundant raw materials that grew along the ridge that was his mountain home.


As a young man, Jim left the Plateau behind him, as he followed his brothers into the city of Nashville, where, for a while, he applied his homespun skill to the making of fine furniture, on the workbenches of Davis Cabinet Company. Soon, with his own growing family, Jim began what would be a life's work with the Nashville Fire Department, where he stayed for 32 years. During that time, Jim never strayed far from his craftsman's roots, as he continuously improved and maintained not only his own home, but also the homes of many customers in his work as a carpenter, painter and green thumb.


Finally, after completing his work with the Fire Department, Jim moved back home to the Plateau, just down the road from the house he and his brothers built for his parents 40 years before. This time, Jim built his own house, making sure to leave a little space for him to do the one thing he'd always wanted to do, and that was wood turning.


Ten years have since passed, and Jim hardly ever stops. No, he doesn't turn wood 24-7' but he plans to, in one way or the other, most of those hours and days. Jim makes many of his own tools, and scours the ridge looking for felled trees, the mountain's happy sacrifice to the heart and the hands of a native son who knows how to make the wood live again.

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